Why have you done this?
I'd like to learn more about sock construction. I'd like to learn more about html and JavaScript. This seems like a good way to achieve both.
Why toe up?
I made this so I could make socks from any yarn I came across: found something with no ball band in a charity shop? No problem. Unraveled yarn from a sweater? Fine. Random hand spun gauge? This should work. Because I want as much sock as I can get from my stash, "toe up" allows me to knit until I run out of yarn. No plans to do a top down version at the moment, but you never know!
What plans are in the pipeline?
I want to keep tinkering with this. For example:
SOCKS Heels: flap, after thought
Toes: an easier version of Judy's
Stitch patterns: suggesting patterns which would work with the number of stitches your recipe gives
Colour work: as above. Also tips on where to change for toe and heel contrast colours
Yarn yield: whether the amount of yarn you have will give two full socks, or if you'll have to supplement with another colour for stripes etc
TECHNICAL Better rendering on all devices/screens
Safari reader version
Ability to email the pattern to yourself.
Thought of something else it would be useful to have? Please let me know! Me on Ravelry